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Go Power GP-ISW1500-12 Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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Product description

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Go Power! 1500-Watt Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter takes 12 volt DC battery power and converts it to an exact replica of AC household power. It is guaranteed to continuously run any load up to 1500 watts (as long as your battery bank can handle a 150 amp DC per hour power draw). The ISW1500 comes with a 2 year warranty. This inverter has two 20amp GFCI outlets. You can purchase the GP-DC-KIT3 separately to connect to batteries with ease. As long as the load is not greater then 1500 watts continuous, this inverter will run it. The GP-ISW1500-12 can surge to 2650 watts for 5 second and 3000 watts for 1 second. The GP-ISW2000-12 contains all instructions required for installation.